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Travel Insurance

Even if you did not normally take Insurance on a Trip, in this new Covid-19 World I would suggest that you ALWAYS take it now!

Travel insurance is uniquely necessary today to protect not just you, but your money.


It may be a Day before your Trip and the Destination you are headed to may change the Rules.  If you do not have time to Qualify and meet the New Rules, you will very possibly lose your money.  The Travel World (Airlines, Countries, Resorts, Cruise Lines .....) have already lost Billions and Billions of dollars and where they may have tried to help you out in April or May, they are no longer willing to take the loss.  You need to protect YOURSELF.

Know that just like Destinations, every Insurance Company will very possibly be different as well. 


So be sure to research what you are buying and how it will cover you and your needs.  Let us help you review your options and coverage to best suit your needs!

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