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Covid 19 Travel Info

Key Considerations:

The trick to Travel in a Covid19 Age, is to understand that everything is changing daily! The rules are changing.  The risks are changing. Even the ability to even Travel (going and coming home) is changing daily.


It is important to spend much more time researching the trip you are considering.  (OR, better, get the help of a Travel Agent like us!  😊

  • Is the destination even open for travel for people coming from the United States ?

  • Is advance paperwork uploaded to the Country's immigration website required prior to arrival?

  • Is a Negative Covid test result required (and what type)?   Must it be within a certain timeline (some require them to be only 72 hours old --  they might be different).

  • Is a Traveler's Health Affidavit required?  If so, what is it and where do I get one?

  • Is there a mandatory Quarantine Period required coming or going?


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